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Jack Maxwell was awed by the ancient art of legerdemain at the young and influential age of 9.  Legerdemain, an out dated term for magic, has been inspiring us all since the beginning of time.  It was then that Jack became determined to perfect this craft and utilize it to entertain audiences.


By age 11 Jack was fortunate enough to secure employment in a magic shop and by 14 he was becoming an talented performer by learning how to take advantage of his charismatic and charming personality.


This ambitious sorcerer’s apprentice decided to open his own magic shop in his native Florida.  It was the grandest shop in all the land.  However, it was his passion to entertain and perform live that aided in his decision to close the shop and concentrate on his career as a live performer.


Jack transferred his physical shop into an online storefront and consultants other’s inspired by magic on which items and tricks would work best for them.  This affords him the time needed to participate in both on stage performances and his unique, close-up, in your face act that he has spent all this time developing and perfecting.


Maxwell gives back to his profession by way of offering educational classes and instructional DVDs on magic, tricks, performing, and developing your own individual personality.


He has been a public relations and good will ambassador for many of South Florida’s finer casinos and the Archdiocese for Miami.


Magic Jack has successfully been able to incorporate his vast array of knowledge into a custom made and mystifying act called STROLLING MAGIC and is family friendly and suitable for all ages.


It is Jack's strong dedication to bringing his magic to any size audience that helps him maintain the concept that no crowd is too small or too big.


From Bar Mitzvah’s, birthday parties, grand openings, corporate functions, to intimate settings, Jack gives it his all and guarantees to captivate and mesmerize you while providing an experience you will always remember.

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The Magic of Jack Maxwell

Magic Jack Maxwell is South Florida's Premier Magician for both family and corporate events such as children's birthday parties, adult birthday parties, corporate trade shows, restaurants, lounges, cocktail parties, hospitality suites and even wedding receptions!

The Magic of Jack Maxwell



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